Montague 21

15 November 2017

PCI, weird viking burglars and a great internet and phone line without Telstra!

Ok! lots has happened since I last updated my blog. I decided not to go see the house until PCI, to get a bit of a surprise. Luckily I have an amazing Site supervisor (Michael Webb, he gave me permission to use his name, and seriously if you're building with PD try to insist having him as your site supervisor) so I felt comfortable just leaving everything up to him.

We just had fun in the meantime buying all the new furniture for the new house. mainly from The Good Guys and from Early Settler- I absolutely LOVE this shop! anyone going for a more of a classic but didn't try too hard look with reasonable prices then this is the place for you! I'll post pics once we move in of everything.

Last week we had someone try to break into our garage and ruined our garage door in the process so we had to reschedule the PCI from Friday till Wednesday. On the positive side they didn't manage to get inside the house...
We were told that a guy in a viking hat has been wandering around our house very early in the morning and that he is suspected of also stealing our water meter- all the stuff he can buy with selling that little bit of copper, lots of gum or chips I suppose..

Our Site supervisor has been working like crazy getting everything done so we will still have handover within the time frame we set before the burglary.

I'll get on with PCI, stay tuned for the Telstra outrageous rip off after that.. 

PCI went very well. A few items needed attention, a lick of paint here and a clean up there, I didn't expect them to find very much, Michael regularly visits our site and makes sure everything is up to standard. After we received Darbecca's report our amazing Site supervisor sent us a detailed email explaining each item Darbecca found and told us what he has been doing to sort it out. Hand-over is scheduled for next Friday and the house looks amazing!!

OMG this floor is flawless~~ <3 

Ceiling fans are great! powerful and quiet

Not much of a garden (yet!)

Sooo a few weeks ago I received and email saying it is time to start contacting Telstra to get our phone and internet lines connected. We called our internet provider TPG and Telstra so they will be both working on it to get it set up as soon as possible because waiting times can reach over 3 months and almost $600 to get connected. We are also very far from a Telstra hub so our internet will be very slow once we get it. Obviously I will not wait 3 months for internet, what will I do without Netflix? They also offer the option of naked ADSL which is basically a wireless wifi which is more expensive and much slower but without the expensive installation and long waiting time. So I opened the webpages of all internet providers over the weekend, put my address in them and see what they will have to offer me. And then I put my address into the Optus website and for some strange reason the website said I can get connected to their cable broadband which is up to 30Mb, free installation and a free modem and no activation fee. Apparently besides Telstra, Optus are the only ones who have their own cables and are able to provide better internet, faster and cheaper. Needless to say I went with Optus and they were able to start installation (for free!!!) the following week, I just booked them for the first day of handover instead..  The only downside is that the cables are overhead but you can get underground ones if you pay your own electrician to do it. I'd rather just go with overhead, it's an established neighborhood with many overhead cables and the cables just get connected to the side of the house, not the center. Maybe in the future when we fill back our coffers we will look into it, in the meanwhile we will spend that money on landscaping :)

I hope the time I took to write all this down will help someone in the future.

13 October 2017

We have a date for PCI!!!

Week 15 of the build, I had a day off today so I went to see the house. A lot has been happening! It is starting to look like a house, can't wait for the floors to be put in~
10 Nov will be our PCI, hope things go smooth until then...

ensuit shower

Front door

main bathroom


Kitchen tiles

13 September 2017

Site visit

Week 11 to the build

Finally I was able to see my beautiful kitchen up close, it was magnificent!! I am so happy we decided to spend all that money on the kitchen upgrades (You can see all the upgrades and pricing in this post: ).

There are boards covering the stone for protection


Was worried the stone would be too blend, the tiny sample they give you in WoS is not very attractive, I was so happy to see how glorious the stone is.

The bins
Wasn't too impressed by the size of the bins, they are too small and there's lots of dead room underneath. That being said, it might be good to throw the trash before there's too much of it. right now we live on the third floor so throwing out the garbage is such a hassle, might not be that much of a hassle in the new house :)

Need ideas on what to do with the space between the cupboards and the window
I bet we could have had a bigger window there but the lady in our tender was too lazy to check how big we can actually have it and just went as safe as she could. would have looked so nice having a big window there especially since it's the only north facing window in our living/kitchen/dining area..

The bathroom cabinets are also in. I truly regret not upgrading to stone in the bathroom and kept the included laminate bench-tops, I hope it will look better once the sink is in and it's given a proper dusting off.

Last thing is the render... You can still see the outline of the bricks I hope it's not the finished product

Approximate move in date is still end of October, can't wait!!!!!!!!!

Next week I am flying to Israel for 2.5 weeks for the Jewish New Years. Will probably go see the house a few days after I come back... :)

02 September 2017

Kitchen cabinets being built

Week 9 into the build and the kitchen cabinets are in. We couldn't go in so we had to take pics from the windows outside. I am very happy with how it turned out and I love the handles that my husband chose.

23 August 2017


Week 7.5 into the build.
I met up with our site supervisor to find a house all plastered! it was very exciting, he told me that he booked everything until the end of the build and if things go as planned then we can expect to be in by mid-late October. Can't believe how fast this is going :)


Main bathroom
Master en-suite

Master bedroom
Bricks almost done~

16 August 2017


We are at week 6.
So far we had 3 inspections: Slab pre-pour, slab+frame, pre-plaster+frame re-inspection.
I am pleased with choosing to have all the inspections, it makes sure that I am involved in the process, that I get informed when and if mistakes are going to be rectified. Above all I think that it keeps the builders on their toes. They really need to do a good job first time around or it will delay the build which is already way behind schedule... next month they will need to start paying us for delays and there are at least two more months to the finish line.

DH had a job near Altona North so he drove by the house to take a pic, looks like the brickwork is coming along nicely.

Plaster starts next week and in two more weeks the bricks should all be done and we will pay for the lock up stage :)
<3 ~ 

02 August 2017

Roof being installed

Week 5: I had my first meeting with my Site supervisor today. He seems like a great guy, was super nice and accommodating. Answered every question, gave me as much information as he could, was the most helpful person I met from Porter Davis so far. Really hope the house keeps going full steam ahead, it's insane how fast the house goes up once they start it! Looks like we will definitely be in our new house by Christmas with enough time to spare to decorate. Been a dream of mine to have an insanely decorated house for Christmas :)

While being on site, the roof guys were there installing the colorbond roof,  seeing it on a full roof looks so sooooooo much lighter than it looks on the tiny sample they show you at WoS.

If you want to compare the roof to the sample we got in WoS then go to this link:

It's so much lighter, it's like it's not even the same color!!! I don't mind it so much, my husband is in-charge of the exterior color scheme so I don't have any sort of attachment to the colors. As long as the kitchen is the way I want it, I'll be a happy camper!

UPDATE: We went over the weekend, the bricks started going up and the roof has the right color.. all is well :)
Now it's blue! 

29 July 2017

Frame complete!

Week 4: I think today was one of the windiest days I have ever ventured outside in my life! I mean, bits of trees flew at me the whole drive, the car was shaking, I am just so glad to be alive to share this post with ya'll :)
We are basically in week 4 since Porter Davis started the excavations again and we can see progress every single week. A day after we got the notification that the bank paid for the slab we received the invoice for the frame. On Monday we will have Darbecca inspect the slab and the frame and hopefully PD did a good job and we won't have a whole headache of chasing them up to fix tons of things... it's nice to hope for things...

We now have a roof frame and everything~~
The back alfresco with my finger for that extra artistic flare~

23 July 2017

We have a SLAB!!!! AND A FRAME!!!!

Week 3: Last week on Monday we had the pre-pour inspection done by Darbbeca, they only found some minor things to rectify and Porter Davis fixed them on the spot. The concrete was poured the next day on Tuesday. We thought we'd go check out our new slab over the weekend but we never expected the surprise that awaited us on our lot... In a few days they made huge progress on the frame and even brought in all the windows and doors.
Not just a slab!!
Front of the house
We were ecstatic going through the house and seeing where everything is going to be.
You can imagine how the house is going to turn out and add big windows for a nice effect but nothing beats seeing how nice and big everything is
kitchen window as seen from the alfresco

bedroom and second living area windows, large and in charge! 

The huge window we added to the living room
The house is overlooking the oil refinery. If you've watched the movie "The Castle" then we are almost living the Australian dream! Location, location, location! thanks to this movie we are more amused by this view than annoyed by its monstrosity...
'It's a real testament to men's ability to produce [oil]" (The Castle)
Our very own castle! couldn't be happier!!!

We have yet to hear from our site supervisor. As long as he is doing his job then he can stay in the shadows for all I care. But would be nice to get a call and get some sort of timeline.
Yep- we still don't have one o' them fancy timelines everyone puts in their blogs. 

We also got to meet our very nice neighbors. They were kind enough to come and meet us for a chat. It is very reassuring knowing that you're going to live in a nice neighborhood with lovely people. :) 

So, to be continued...........

14 July 2017

New site start

Hey there readers, long time since I posted, been very busy and very anxious about all the things that happened with the build. I was so anxious that I didn't tell anyone about the new site start just didn't want to get excited and then disappointed again if they find something else wrong with our site (So far we paid about 48k for the whole asbestos thing). But the site started two weeks ago 30 June. Excavation done, screw piles in, electricity in, bunch of other things done and slab needs to be poured next week on Tuesday.
I hope to share a nice picture of the slab by next weekend... keep your fingers crossed! :)

03 May 2017

Site start and why we can't have nice things

Yesterday 2.5.2017 our site excavations have finally commence!! woot woot!! how exciting! well.... actually, not really... because the universe decided that I can't have nice things (just being first world, spoiled white woman dramatic here, sorry) it has given me ASBESTOS!!! yep, asbestos. Not just any asbestos, asbestos contaminated soil. I talked to my BC she said it wont cost us money because it's already site start but it will cost us time as they can't do anything until professionals take it all out.
UPDATE (15.5): or that's at least what she told me over the phone. I suppose PD realizing how much it will cost to get rid of asbestos contaminated soil, they decided to look at the contract and see if there is anything they can find to somehow lay it on us. So we need to get a site scrape of approx 140mm and get rid of it as contaminated soil which cost us about 30k. I filed a complaint with dbdrv and will hopefully hear from them soon and they will tell me if indeed it is supposed to be paid by us or by Porter Davis. If we are supposed to pay for it then I will try and see if there is a case against the person who sold me the lot and see if he will pay for it. Apparently because it is so expensive to dump asbestos in legal dumping grounds then people just dump it either in residential vacant lots or even in public parks!! it's outrageous to think that because the government isn't providing a cheap way to dispose of asbestos people around the community sometimes suffer asbestos exposure. It is not cheap to get rid of asbestos and it's not going to go on the mortgage so someone with a lesser conscious than me might have considered disposing of it illegally. Probably like the person who just dug a hole in my land and threw asbestos in it..

At least it seems like it will be a two day job and will be done this week so we can start getting this increasingly expensive house done.

20 April 2017

Good News and Bad News

Good news are that Porter Davis booked us in for site start next week- FINALLY! so we got our fence down and got our lot cleared of weed for about $900 which was pretty good. For each job I got a few quotes and managed to save some money that way. One person asked for 4k to do the fence and weeding, another asked for 850 just for the fence so it is very important to ask for multiple quotes. I ended up finding separate trades from Gumtree to do these jobs.

All clear and ready to go~

Bad news: Our neighbor who is building in the lot next to us informed us that the water meter on our lot is actually registered to his lot and we actually don't have a water meter and should probably look into it. This is pretty annoying especial since we are so close to building and this can potentially delay us more if Porter Davis were not aware of this situation and thought that we have a water meter. I don't even know if this is an issue or not... I'm just stressing because I hope it won't delay us. we are SO close~~~

UPDATE: We talked to our slab supervisor who so far seems to be like a pretty good and accommodating guy, he basically said not to worry they'll take care of everything and they will start the build as scheduled! OMG THIS IS HAPPENING!!!!!!